Coffeyco Security is a leading provider of smart integrated security systems that deliver better protection and a gateway to future living that ensures more convenience, greater control and complete peace of mind.

Coffeyco Security recognised that challenging economic conditions meant families along with business owners were seeking greater protection of assets and better control, due to soaring crime rates and living costs. The company believed that by providing the user ability to remotely connect to the workplace or home while on the go would eliminate many concerns while saving time and money. After years of research and development Coffeyco Security clients can now utilise the latest in electronic security equipment that allows the end user to remotely arm their security system when they forget, turn on the lights when they are away giving the impression the occupants are home, unlock the door for the cleaner, turn off the iron that was left on, or perhaps business owners may want to view live video or real time history logs, receive alerts when the staff don't disarm the alarm in time for opening. These are just a few of the better ways we are protecting families and businesses across the country.

Coffeyco Security is dedicated to providing their customers with the smartest security systems in the industry with a focus on excellent customer service and reliability, that will earn our clients business every day and keep it forever. Coffeyco Security strives to uphold these values in all the services they deliver.

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