Cellular Monitoring

Our interactive cellular monitoring solution provides the user with greater flexibility with no phone line or internet connection required.

The security control panel is fitted with a GPRS/GSM module that requires a data SIM card.

This allows the system to communicate with the control room via the cellular network (mobile phone towers).

Anytime the security system is triggered or activated, the panel sends a signal via the mobile network to the control room informing the operators of the command type and system status (e.g. Disarming, Arming, Main Bedroom PIR, etc.). A major benefit of cellular monitoring is there are no wires, everything is completely wireless, meaning your system will always be operational.

Depending on the signal received the monitoring facility will then action the appropriate measures relevant to the problem. Cellular monitoring enables the user interactive features providing greater control from any web enabled device.

Most of Coffeyco Security’s monitoring plans are back to base, which means a large percentage of happy clients are enjoying significant savings with discounted insurance premiums. This is possible because your home or workplace is deemed to be more secure with 24 hour operators ready to notify contacts or dispatch a patrol at a moments notice. We operate from a Grade A1 control room, which is recognised as one of the top monitoring services in Australia. Credit request forms can be organised if needed. Don’t hesitate to contact the Coffeyco team to discuss your security options further and discover how Coffeyco Security can you money.

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