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Coffeyco Security knows the importance of feeling safe in your home or business. Our We.R wireless security product provides you with many options to control as little, or as much as you'd like!

We all deserve a safe and comfortable environment. These days security systems are as important as anything else you will purchase for your home or workplace. Making the right choice on the security company, and the system itself is extremely important.

The equipment is easy to install, can be self monitored, or supported by professional 24 hour operators. With the ability to add Z-Wave control technology for less than $100.00, delivers customers Australia’s most advanced electronic security and automation solution without the excessive price-tag.

If you want the best value in security and automation control for your home or business, Coffeyco Security has the right solution for you.

Interactive Features

The large range of interactive services that Coffeyco Security offers, is designed to make daily tasks more simple and secure. You can arm and disarm your alarm remotely, ensuring it’s on when it’s meant to be on, unlock the door, view live video and control electrical appliances such as lighting, blinds, and thermostats from any smartphone device. These features along with a list of further choices improve your lifestyle while simplifying your environment and saving you money.

Instant Alerts

You are always up to date on activity around the home or workplace, from anywhere around the globe with customized notifications. With instant SMS, banner or email alerts you will be constantly aware of any problems including alarm activations, fire detection, system troubles, power failures and more. You choose how and when to receive alerts, which can be modified with ease via the Protect Australia smartphone app or online portal.

Professional Monitoring

Coffeyco Security prides itself on an exceptional professional monitoring service adaptable to each and every clients needs. Coffeyco Security’s monitoring centre operates 24 hours daily 365 days each year in an ASIAL certified Grade A-1 Control Room facility to ensure maximum protection.

Simple Wireless Equipment

The We.R security system equipment, is easy to use and set up, making it perfect for any space you need protected. It does not take long to install, and the wireless operation means more convenience and expansion ease providing greater flexibility for the end user. If you need assistance our support team is only a phone call away!


Z-Wave is an innovation in security systems and allows you to have complete control anywhere in the world. It synchronises everything in your home or workplace so that you can adjust, turn off and monitor devices from the palm of your hand.

Rental Friendly

The wireless We.R system is perfect for security conscious tenants. It can be uninstalled with the greatest intentions of leaving behind no permanent damage. You can relocate your system and monitoring or cloud service at any time. Notify our support team of your new address with contact details and our friendly staff will take care of the rest.

Video Monitoring

Keep a watchful eye around your home or business, even when your away with our cutting-edge video monitoring platform that includes unique verification software.

When security is breached this engages our select range of cameras to record the event, and pushes a link to the desired mobile phone within seconds. The interactive benefits allow remote access to live video and archived recordings through any web enabled device.

Surveillance cameras monitored by our central monitoring facility ensures the quickest response time by Police as verification is essential before a Police Communications Room will dispatch a unit to a reported crime.

- Feel safe & protected.
- If security is breached, a quick verification will have police dispatched asap.
- Record,and watch live security footage from your mobile, tablet or computer.

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