Standalone Surveillance Systems

With Coffeyco Security, we have solutions towards every surveillance systems for almost any situation. You may be looking towards the security market for any simple 4 camera surveillance system for your home or business, or you may need a 8-16 channel DVR system for any kind of jewelry store, truck stop or warehouse. When you are looking for professional systems, CoffeyCo Security is your solution; regardless the size or scope of your system project, we can help you find the right equipment to get the job done.

Digital Video Recorders are the best solution for business security measures that need to be taken. A stand alone DVR looks much like your home DVR player or actually an old VCR device, Stand Alone Surveillance systems have all their components incased in one cabinet, which includes:
    DVR’s CPU
    IC chips
    Power Supplies

By offering our commitment towards quality, performance, value and durability of our Stand Alone Surveillance systems, we are professionals towards our industry with a focused personal attention to our customers who have built relationships with us throughout the past few years.

When the question is asked, who buys standalone DVR systems, security cameras and other CCTV surveillance systems?

The answer is quite simple and the list is quite long but ranges from the individual retail customers to all of the high profile customers that we have attained. We carry a wide range of DVR systems and surveillance camera and other CCTV surveillance systems equipment to the point that we are confident to claim for our customers to give us a call and discover the actual difference between a company who is just trying to make sales and a company like us who is actually trying to keep you safe at all times.

The many benefits of DVR systems include:
    Standalone units use tried and true technology that has proven effective for many years.
    Because their technology is older, standalone units are generally not as expensive as PC-based DVR units.
    You can feed your security video feed using a TV output with a standalone DVR unit; you can’t always do so with a PC-based DVR.
    Standalone DVR units are smaller, quieter, and can be hidden more easily.
    Standalone DVR units have an embedded software system, meaning they do not require daily software updating and are not as susceptible to infiltration or computer viruses.

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